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We’ve always got our little chefs in mind. Here’s how we make sure each and every one of our cooking kits are really and truly child-friendly.


Easy-to-understand instructions your kids can follow. (Phew, no meltdown in sight!)


Colour co-ordinated, so your little chefs know what goes in and when.

Step-by-step guide to master all kinds of useful skills. Think grating, chopping, sautéing…

The recipe itself

Delicious dishes, created by professional chefs for the whole family to enjoy.

Bonus gifts

Whether it’s colouring the eco-friendly packaging box, discovering games in the Food Passport or drawing the ingredients’ journey on the map, they’ll find all kinds of activities to nurture their creativity. And guess what? They all come for FREE when you subscribe.

Everything they need for a
healthy life

We cook every day. But we rarely teach our kids how to. That’s why our cooking boxes are so important – to equip children with the necessary skills they’ll need, while they’re still young.

Teach about food prep

Colour-coded by difficulty, our skills cards are here to teach your little chefs (as safely as can be) how to grate a carrot, chop an onion or zest an orange.

Build on Vocab

Simmering, caramelising, searing, or even sautéing… In no time, they’ll know more techniques and big words than a famous Parisian chef.

Develop their palette

Don’t get us wrong – they’ll still love sweets. But allowing them to mix flavours, like adding salty to sweet will help them build a broader flavour profile from a young age.

Junior Design Awards

"Best Subscription Box For Kids 2021"

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A closer look at our recipes...

We work with nutritionally-trained chefs to create all round wonderful dishes.

*Please note: our ingredients are packed in premises that handle cereals, nuts (including peanuts), soya, sesame and products containing gluten.
Created by qualified chefs
100% child-friendly

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