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Turn your apprentice cook into a Head Chef with one of our 12 month cooking plans. Not only do you receive a free baking set and apron, but you also get 12 boxes for the price of 9! By the end, your child will be skilled in blending, chopping, whipping, mashing, folding, kneading, blanching and steaming, all under your watchful eye. 

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Adventurous cooking kits for adventurous kids. Our 12 month cooking plan is the best way for your child to develop the essential skills they need for their future. We teach them a variety of different skills; from the art of making Italian pasta, to Scottish (veggie) Haggis. We train them on various chopping techniques and how to implement them safely and we expand their vocabulary, so they know the difference between sautéing and frying. By the end of the year your little chef will be fully equipped and will have developed essential skills needed for the next stage in their culinary journey. Don’t fear though, we will be there to guide them every step of the way.

Over 12 months you:

  1. Receive a free apron
  2. Receive a free baking kit
  3. Visit 12 new countries
  4. Discover 12 new languages
  5. Learn 24 new recipes
  6. Collect 12 Great Groceries badges
  7. Collect 12 personalised certificates
  8. Enjoy over 180 hours of fun

What to expect

Allow a few hours for each recipe to enjoy cooking (and cleaning) stress-free. Our boxes make the perfect afternoon activity with a great mix of education and fun. But the fun doesn’t stop when the cooking stops. Oh no! We have provided extra hours of learning while you put your feet up. We include curricular subjects like Maths, English, Science, History, Art and Geography where we teach them a new language, historical events and geographical facts. They can even colour in the boxes themselves, just how they like it. 

If that wasn’t enough, we have created a spectacular booklet designed to encourage kids to love veg. Pedro Potato, Bertie Broccoli and Carla Cauliflower are just a few characters in our Great Groceries booklet which teach kids the health benefits of food in a language they understand. To learn more click here.

Not Just Nibbles create adventurous cooking kits for adventurous kids.




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