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£84.00 every 6 months

Sign up for 6 months and your little chef will receive an iconic Not Just Nibbles apron along with 6 recipe cards from 6 different countries, 6 collectable Great Groceries badges and hours of cooking fun, along with extra curricular activities, language lessons and their own food reviews. Not to mention the fact that you also get 20% off. Bargain!

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Cooking kits for kids | Each month we deliver a box of creativity, curiosity and culinary delights straight to your door. Our healthy cooking kits are built for adventurous kids. We transport them to a new country each month in search of new ingredients, cultures and recipes. No more cooking for kids. Cook with them with our super easy, fun to use, delicious kits. 

What you get over 6 months

Your kids can get their hands on one of our iconic branded aprons for free (colour of their choice). Along with 6 easy-to-follow, illustrated recipe cards and the dry ingredients to go with them. They also receive 6 of our Great Groceries badges — perfect for pinning onto their apron, stickers for their food passport and 6 personalised certificates to reward them for their cooking achievements. Oh and don’t forget safety — we add in vital safety rules and a skills card to making it easier (and safer) for them to follow along.

What to expect

Allow a few hours for each recipe to enjoy cooking (and cleaning) stress-free. Our boxes make the perfect afternoon activity with a great mix of education and fun. But the fun doesn’t stop when the cooking stops. Oh no! We have provided extra hours of learning while you put your feet up. We include curricular subjects like Maths, English, Science, History, Art and Geography where we teach them a new language, historical events and geographical facts. They can even colour in the boxes themselves, just how they like it. 

If that wasn’t enough, we have created a spectacular booklet designed to encourage kids to love veg. Pedro Potato, Bertie Broccoli and Carla Cauliflower are just a few characters in our Great Groceries booklet which teach kids the health benefits of food in a language they understand. To learn more click here.

Not Just Nibbles provide the best adventures. Save 20% on our cooking kits for kids when you sign to our 6 month plan.



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