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One-off kits

Rainbow Pasta


Spend an afternoon in the kitchen with the kids making rainbow pasta and chocolate mousse then relax after dinner while the kids make their rainbow pop-up card.

This Rainbow Pasta Kit is a truly unique food gift that will fill an afternoon with the family and create lasting memories for years to come. Pop on our playlist and travel through Italy from the comfort of your own kitchen discovering the joys of creating fresh pasta from scratch. Then for dessert, make our quick and easy chocolate mousse that will literally melt in your mouth. After dinner put your feet up and let the kids get creative for a couple of hours with our rainbow pop up-card craft. 

Age 5+

Rainbow Dumplings


This unique gift is perfect for the budding mini chef in your life – although be warned – the adults will want to get in on the action too. This activity is a great way to spend a family afternoon. Learn how to knead dough, make wrappers and create dumplings Jamie Oliver would be proud of. We recommend a whole afternoon for this activity as there are many fun steps to get inolved with. Broken down into 5 steps, the recipe gives you recommended timings for each step one.

  • STEP 1 | Prepare the dough = Easy — 20 minutes
  • STEP 2 | Prepare the filling = Easy-medium— 30-40 minutes
  • STEP 3 | Prepare the wrappers = Medium  — 1 hour
  • STEP 4 | Filling the wrappers = Medium/little tricky — 1 hour
  • STEP 5 | Cooking the dumplings = Easy — 10 minutes

Age 8+ (For the more confident chef)

Afternoon Tea


What do you get when you cross an award-winning children’s tea brand with an award-winning children’s cooking kit?  An almighty collaboration, that’s what! The tea for our tea party is provided by Tom’s Teas.

On the menu are scones and brownies which are packed with veggies. Play table games, wear your party hat and take part in the balloon throwing league

Age 5+

Pop-up Pizza Shop


Featured in May's subscription box. Sign up to this month's subscription to get our Pop-up Pizzeria and save £5

We’ve designed our very own pizza “board game” which teaches kids about fractions, food groups and the art of sharing. It’s the perfect way to unwind after an afternoon in your very own pizza pop-up shop. 

We’ve given you two recipes; one sweet, one savoury, a menu and order sheet (for your pizza shop), x2 pizza box crafts, the glue to make it, plus all of the dry ingredients and your pizza “board game”. Just add veg & dairy. 

For kids 5+


Choose their favourite colour and personalise it. To personalise just add their name at the checkout. We’ll do the rest

Card | £3

Personalise your box by adding a card to mark the occasion. Birthdays, Easter? We have a card for any occasion.